The Medieval Market was held online – Programme is free to watch on the web page

The Association Suurtorin keskiaika ry organized a first virtual Medieval Market -event on June 25th-28th, 2020. The traditional event on Great Old Square was postponed to the summer 2021 due to the COVID–19 pandemic. Online programme published both in social media channels and on web page

The theme year of Medieval Market online -event was 1394, which will lead the path to the next summer’s event, too. Theatre, music, dance and circus video-performances as well as science program was seen on online. On the Virtual Market Square, on Facebook, online visitors were able to share their memories of previous market years and got familiar with vendors online shops.

The Medieval Market online -event’s programme and the list of vendors will stay on event’s web page

The Medieval Market is organized by a non-profit organization the Assocation Turun Suurtorin keskiaika ry. Next year the event will take place at the Old Great Square on July 1st – 4th, 2021.