A play with a skipping rope

How to play Priest, locker, peasant, copper – play in a group

The purpose of this rhyme is to predict the future groom’s occupation, the wedding dress fabric, the level of the wedding ring, and the sex of the first child. The word for which the jumper fails remains in effect. The words are listed over and over again, starting as many times in a row as necessary.

  • The profession of the groom: Priest, locksmith, peasant, copper, rich, dear, poor, thief.
  • Wedding dress: Silk, velvet, ruffles, ruffles, braids, lace.
  • Ring: Gold, silver, copper, iron, wood, plastic.
  • Weddings are celebrated in: in the house, barn, church, barn.
  • The first child is: Girl, boy, crazy, monkey.