The Medieval Turku event (previously known as Medieval Market) will be organized again this year between 27 and 30 June 2024 by the Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika ry. We are looking for artisans in various fields of handicraft that can offer suitable products for the Medieval Turku event.

At the Old Great Square, in the heart of medieval Turku, Finland, a free market play will be created for the whole family. While artisans offer their products for sale, the nobility, the priests, the jokers, the troopers, the maids and the farmhands wander among the public gossiping and telling stories. In 2023 the event was attended by approximately 120,000 guests.

Sales time at the Market is on Thursday and Friday from 12:00 to 20:00 and during the weekend from 12:00 to 18:00.

Product requirements
It is required that the products are made of natural materials and can be presumed to have been known during the Middle Ages. We appreciate uniformed product entities and genuine handicrafts. The medieval spirit should be also noted in the product’s packaging, stall decoration and personal clothing. Please note that plastic cannot be used in products or packaging. We are also looking for vendors of medieval food. The dishes and the glasses must have a medieval look; no modern clear plastic cups, napkins or paper plates are allowed.

Selection of products for sale
The Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika ry will select the products to be sold on the market. The application form (link below) must be filled in and sent together with product samples or colour photos for a jury appraisal. Information on vendor applications is confidential and will not be given to a third party. Each product should be labelled carefully, so as not to be confused with products supplied by other applicants.

Product samples, photographs and the application should be sent as a package or letter post by Tuesday 12 March 2024 to: Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika, Vanha Suurtori 3, FI-20500 Turku, Finland.

Please send your letter or package well in advance and choose the door delivery, as we do not collect parcels from the post office or any other pick-up point.

All vendors, regardless of whether they have participated before or not, should send their products or photos to be appraised. The jury has new members every year, so all products, both new and old, will have an equal position. At the same time, we also get accurate information about what kind of products the Medieval Turku market has to offer, which is important for successful advertising.

The vendors will be informed after the appraisal whether one got accepted or rejected to the Medieval Turku event. The jury will give written feedback to each vendor, and possibly comments and suggestions for the development of the products. If the jury found that products are not suitable for the Medieval Turku event, it will be clearly stated.

If you develop new products after the jury’s evaluation, please inform us. Only approved products can be sold at the Medieval Turku event.


Stall provided by the event organiser, width 1.6m and depth 2m
240€ / all four days

Space for vendor’s own stall, width 2m
400€ / all four days

Fast food place (space 2m x 2m, organiser’s or vendor’s own stall)
140€ /day
500€ / all four days

Additional Space: 50€ / m in width / day
Electricity (only for food vendors) 20€/day
Notice that no VAT will be added to prices!

In addition, the price includes the night security of structures, waste management, emergency first aid, information on the Middle Ages and guidance on product display.

Appearance in medieval spirit
We require that vendors are playful in spirit and dress in medieval costume, which if necessary can be rented from the event organizer. The vendor can choose between one’s own stall and a stall provided by the event organizer. If a vendor chooses one’s own stall, a picture of the stall in a medieval look must be attached to the application. If you plan to use your own tent, please note that there are no places in the Medieval Turku event for tents that require pegs or stakes.

You can download the application form here

Additional information

Meri Vuohu
Director of Administration / Vendor Correspondent 
tel. +358 40 132 9993